Chief Medical Officer’s Log

Day 26 of Planetside Exploration

Arc Designation: Xanadu

It would seem that this new planet is not quite as we had been hoping. The security officer bitten by the strange snake passed away this morning in extreme agony from the effects of the venom.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Rather than acting like the venom of a snake from Terra Prime, it did not affect the brain or the neurological functions of the patient, rather it attacked anything and everything else inside his body, essentially liquifying all of the patient’s internal organs.

I’ve scheduled an autopsy for this evening in hope of understanding this creature’s venom further. With luck whatever I manage to learn will assist in treatment of other wounds sustained from the native wildlife.

I’ve woken a zoologist with a specialty in venomous animals and with any luck he can help me to come up with an anti-venom. I also believe that he will find the dragons more than fascinating.

I took a brief excursion to the surface yesterday while my patient was stable. These creatures truly are magnificent. They seem to wish nothing to do with humans, preferring to observe from a distance.

Their sizes vary greatly. We have seen a few, hatchlings would be my guess, the size of large dogs, and and some larger than a shuttle craft or house. They truly are beautiful with their vibrant colors and grace. Watching a pinwheel, as I’ve started calling the groups of these creatures, is nothing but delight.

It is a welcome distraction from the death of the security officer. His name was William Miller. He had a wife, and three children. when it is their turn to be woken I will have to tell them of his passing. though that maybe three or five years away yet I can already feel the pit building up in my stomach.





Incoming transmission from planet’s surface! Medical emergency will be landing in shuttle bay 4 in eight minutes.





Thank you for reading this week’s installment of Xanadu! I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed writing this one! As we speak I’m working on the next installments. October and November are busy months for me and I’m hoping to get a little ahead before they hit. With both Inktober and NaNoWriMo on their way back to back I’m a busy little creative over here and both months will be more than challenging to complete without burnout while I’m working on just those two projects!

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