Chief Medical Officer’s Log

Day 14 of explorations

Arc Designation: Xanadu

We have been exploring various parts of the planet’s surface for two weeks now, or at least by Terra Prime standards. The days on this plant are calculated to have an extra 8 hours. It will be interesting to study the effect this has on the human circadian rhythms. For now the arc allows us to maintain a normal pattern of living.

A few days ago one of the security officers was bitten by some kind of snake while escorting a science team in the northern region of the planet. Whatever the bastard was we have been unable to capture a specimen, it would seem that though it was reptile in appearance it was not cold blooded. The security officer is stable for now, but unless an antidote is manufactured I do not know how much longer I can keep him alive. The venom from this snake acts in a way I have never seen before and cannot be explained by any of the science and medical journals in the arc’s database.

While the northern expeditions have yielded this sort of terror the southern expeditions have also discovered strange types of flora and fauna, though they have managed to escape its deadlier elements.

There is one thing that the crew has been talking about nonstop. In fact, I am eager to see these creatures myself. Technology does not seem to do well on the planet’s surface, though our shuttles are doing just fine, it is more delicate pieces such as cameras and small computers that seem to malfunction. Thus we have been forced to use more analog forms of observation and recording.

The away teams describe these creatures as massive, ranging from the size of horses to small shuttle crafts. They are covered in feathers and have necks as long as giraffes. They do seem to be predatory, but have yet to show much interest in the teams observing them. While they are covered I. Feathers their faces are reminiscent of horses, the was a horse’s face is reminiscent of certain dog’s. What’s more, these creatures live in large groups and are fully capable of flight despite their massive size and our science officers assuring me that they should not be able to do so given their proportions.

At first, I thought the away teams hade discovered some sort of hallucinatory substance on the surface of the planet, yet I found it hard to believe so many were able to be influenced… the crew have been calling these creatures, dragons.

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