Chief Medical Officer’s Log

5 Days After Crew Awakening

Arc Designation: Xanadu 

With the exception of Chief Engineer Loera all crew members came out of the cryosleep unscathed. Upon awakening the chief has grown suddenly ill. It is not contagious and I believe it to be merely a bad reaction to having been frozen so long. After two days rest he has shown signs of improvement and I expect him to make a full recovery in time to make any necessary repairs should the crew need to return to cryosleep and the arc instructed to continue on its journey.

Much to the chief’s disappointment I can not allow him to accompany the away team. Frankly, I do not see the necessity of sending the entire command crew to the planet’s surface.I have cleared a small militarized unit, science team, and two of my medical staff per the captain’s orders. Far more of the crew has been awakened than I would have preferred, butI suppose it is good for morale being so far from the only planet that we have ever known as home. Human companionship can only be good for us at such a time as this. Even I am not immune to the loneliness inspired by the vacuum if space. I often find myself in the cryochambers, speaking to a child who can not hear me.

The arc will enter the planet’s orbit in a little under 48 hours. By that time all necessary crew members will be at their stations and any repairs of maintenance tasks that should need to be accomplished will be under way. I must confess that I, too, am curious about this new world and the possibilities it holds for the human race. I feel, though that it can only be too good to be true, that we would find our new home in the first planet that we should visit, though it offers hope for the crew, and for myself.

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