Chief Medical Officer’s Log

500 years After the Evacuation of Terra Prime

Arc Designation: Xanadu

It’s hard to believe, in just 30 days I will be 525 years old. It’s been a long time, if ever, since any human has lived so long. Medical scans of my own body have determined that there were no ill side effects from the cryogenic process. All tests on the crew, the refugees, and their individual life support systems have shown all systems to be functioning normally, both biological and medical.

The ship’s sensors have discovered an M-class planet in its solar systems green zone. Climate and temperatures similar to earth. It is slightly larger than the earth, but still livable. It will take adjustment and close medical supervision should it become our new home. I am, however, confident in the abilities of my medical staff to supervise the acclimatization of the crew and refugees alike to this new world.

Since waking three days ago, spending all of that time alone but for medical robots and computerized imitations of humanity, I can not help but wonder what has become of Earth – Terra Prime. Did the attempted colonization of the red planet prove successful? Did I choose correctly for myself and for my child when I chose to accept this position? What of the other arcs? Have they found safe haven already order they still go on, searching for a place to call home. If this new world should prove a worthy home how long will it take the subspace signal to reach them, to call them home to us? Have they not been as fortunate? Perhaps they fell into a black hole or encountered new life, life that was not so friendly. I will likely never know.

If the Earth is still intact is it at peace now? Have humans finally left her surface, are they giving her a chance to heal? Or perhaps did they destroy themselves along with her? Was it too late? The world government was putting plans into action for those that could not be fit onto the arcs in case the colonization of Mars did not succeed.

I had friends that remained on the planet. Family and colleagues working to terraform the red planet. They must all be long dead by now. So much can happen in 500 years and I have been asleep for all of it. I wish more than anything to hold my daughter again, it has been so long, but even should this planet become our new home it will be five years until she will wake up. Five years until the process of colonization is complete and the youngest children are woken from their slumber and prepared to live here.

I will begin waking the crew for further analysis.

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