Stories are told about Terra Prime, how it was once a beautiful paradise, an Eden. No one really knows where it is, where you are, anymore. I don’t even know if this story will ever reach you. We don’t really even know where we are anymore. So much has been lost since our arrival. 

Most stories of Terra Prime anymore are happy stories with happy endings. Speculations of what it’s like now, what happened after we left. Terra Prime restored to its former glory. As a race, humans have forgotten why it was we left Terra Prime in the first place.

Then, there are some that are not so rose colored. Tragical stories with a glimmer of hope, us that is, but in the last moment those stories always rip that hope out from under us along with our hearts in a bloody mess. 

The story I’m about to tell you could go wither way, though it is very likely to go in the direction you least expect.

Should you be one of the poor bastards that prefers to turn a blind eye, ignoring tragedy and pretending it doesn’t exist, then I wouldn’t continue any farther if I were you. I would stop right here and save myself the trouble. But, if you are one of the fortunate few with a penchant for the unknown, and the real, no matter what it holds, tragedy or paradise, then I must warn you. The ending to this story is lost. We will have to seek it out. The journey may make you question whatever it is you think you know. 

Even I don’t know where it will end and I’m the one telling it.

But, I can tell you were it began…

It all began, with you…

~ ~ ~

Terra Prime was dying, choking on pollution, war, radiation, overpopulation, hatred, she just couldn’t keep up anymore. She was trying her best, but her best wasn’t enough. She was so sick, fighting a disease she’d created herself. No, the common cold didn’t kill Terra Prime, not even the flu. She wasn’t even involved. No, Terra Prime was dying of a parasite, an infestation so deadly it was killing itself along with the planet.

These parasites, aware of what they were doing, unable to stop themselves, threw themselves at the stars, freezing themselves in the bellies of the great arcs; the Valhalla, the Arcadia, the Elysium, and the Xanadu. All of them leaving Terra Prime, hoping against all hope to escape what they’d done, to find a new world capable of sustaining them. The people left behind, clinging to the hope that a population reduced by a few million might ease the burden at home, hope that humanity will continue somewhere in the universe, even if Terra Prime came to an end.

That’s the thing about parasites – they don’t see themselves as parasites. They know only their desire to live and to continue on as a species.

This is most true of the universe’s deadliest parasite – humanity.

Author’s note: The next installment will go live at 6am EDT May 25th. Happy Launch Day!

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