Centuries ago, Xan – a beautiful and seemingly quiet world – was settled by human colonists fleeing the Earth they had destroyed, looking for a second chance at life. They didn’t find merely a place to start over, they found challenges they’d never thought possible outside the realms of fiction. For on Xan, the layers between our plane of existence and others are thin. In some places, entirely nonexistent. Xan is a place where life and death are tangible, able to be manipulated, magic some call it. 

Over a millennium later, having won the battle to survive on Xan, the humans are beginning to repeat their own history, forgetting why it was they left Earth in the first place.

Xan is fighting back, changing them to be more in tune with its own nature.

Being human, this new civilization struggles against the pull of this alien world, unaware that their resistance to Xan’s efforts to save itself feeds the rifts between our reality and others, tearing holes in the fabric of the universe and allowing forces which never should have gained entrance to our reality to grow stronger.

If you’re new to Xan, begin your journey HERE

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